1. I fucking love blue october

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  2. Amen.

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  3. I’m in love with this picture and I’m in love with music. This is going on my wall.

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  5. Exactly.

  6. Who else?

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  8. "Sometimes it saves you,
    sometimes it can set you free.
    Oh but it will hurt."

  9. "

    On the day that we parted,
    you told me that another man
    would come along someday
    and give me the feelings
    that you could not give me

    That I ‘deserved’ someone better
    with the value of my worth
    That I should give the very thing
    that I was capable of
    to another person more deserving
    And that you just didn’t want to be
    with anyone right now

    But I was never once fooled
    by the words you spoke
    And deep down, I knew
    that you just couldn’t bring yourself
    to tell me the truth

    The truth on how much you really
    missed her
    The truth on how much you wanted
    to be with her
    The truth on how much I wasn’t
    like her

    That you could never come to love me
    as you once loved her
    That you could not see me in your future,
    in the way that you once saw her

    You told me that I deserved better,
    when you meant that you
    deserved better
    That you were not the one for me,
    when you meant that I
    was not the one for you

    You told me to love another,
    and I told you, ‘I love you’
    You told me to want another
    and I told you, ‘I want you’

    You asked me to let you go,
    but I told you, ‘Please stay’
    I asked you to think it over
    but you told me, ‘It is over’

    And at the moment when we parted,
    I could only say my last three words
    The phrase that meant nothing to you
    The last ‘I love you’

    Knowing that you wouldn’t reply
    with those same words back
    Knowing that you couldn’t,
    even if you wanted to

    — Remy Raine, “Silent Truth” (via remyraine)

  10. beatsnstuff:

    Cherub - Doses and Mimosas

    - Jaymes