1. connora:

    "I don’t really see you hearing me and I don’t really see you changing, so. I just summed it up for you, and I’m sorry that I didn’t figure it out sooner. And you must think I am even stupider than you already thought I was. But consider it a testament to your charms, because you might not know this, but you are very, very charming. And I really care about you. And I don’t want to anymore, because it feels too shitty for me. So I’m gonna leave."

    - GIRLS

  2. hqlines:

     ♡ Find all good posts here! ♡

    So comforting

  3. hqlines:

    Not ours! Contact if yours!

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  4. "And the less you give the more I want so foolishly
    But I will never be your stepping stone, take it all or leave me alone"
    — Duffy - Stepping Stone (via verve07)
  5. I fucking love blue october

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  6. Amen.

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  7. I’m in love with this picture and I’m in love with music. This is going on my wall.

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  9. Exactly.

  10. Who else?

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